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French 1 Personal ID Round 2

more adjectives etc.

By Tracy Brady Steps: 6 Views: 589

Guess Who!?!
Trésors Du Temps, Troisième étape, Vie Et Littérature

Student work overviewing pages 60-64 of the text.

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 5 Views: 763


practice conjugating these irregular verbs!

By Tracy Brady Steps: 26 Views: 1126

Food Skits, Fall 2012

Student performances of skits at a cafe.

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 5 Views: 312


Introduction to the French Imperfect tense

By Beverly Scholman Steps: 4 Views: 429


learn the alphabet in French

By Tracy Brady Steps: 9 Views: 1569

Les Défis Mondiaux

Introduction to the AP French theme: Les défis mondiaux/ Global Challenges Focus on the Environment

By Natalie Luer Steps: 3 Views: 117

Calculez Votre Empreinte écologique
Noël Nouvelle Orléans

Christmas in New Orleans

By Tracy Brady Steps: 14 Views: 1382

Le Shopping à Paris

Objective: To use an online French mail order catalog; to be able to convert American and European clothing and shoe sizes; to convert dollars to euros and vice versa. To compare French and American clothing styles and...

By Natalie Luer Steps: 7 Views: 403

Le Shopping à Paris
Le Noël En France

A collection of Christmas links for my French students

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 15 Views: 1267

Showing Playlists 21-30 of 43 total.