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The Legacy Of Western-Style Development & Capitalist Integration

There is a legitimized gender discrimination embedded in western-style-capitalist development which is a process that has contributed to women’s deteriorating position in many developing regions.

By Jorge Gomez-Peretz Steps: 5 Views: 285

Horticultural-Subsistence System In Vanatanai Culture

Economic System and Culture

By Jorge Gomez-Peretz Steps: 5 Views: 305

Zar Spirit Possession & Activism

My playlist has been created for a broader knowledge and understanding regarding spirit possession

By John Dyle Steps: 5 Views: 98

Gender And Culture

Understanding how gender in perceived in different communities.

By renee bella Steps: 3 Views: 168

Female Shamanism In Korea

An exploration of female shamans and the shamanistic practice in Korean culture.

By Kristina Forman Steps: 7 Views: 229

Sexuality And Discipline Among Filipina Domestic Workers

This article focuses on the domestic work of Filipina's and there imposing threat towards their employers family. It relates to the gender and development of the Hong Kong culture.

By Gabriella Camirand Steps: 6 Views: 146

Gender And Caste Divisions Of Labor In Rural Nepal

Land, Hierarchy, and the Case of the Untouchable Women

By Cory Reynolds Steps: 6 Views: 461

Showing Playlists 1-7 of 7 total.