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Lighting For Video - Gaffers/Lighting In A Professional Studio

This playlist looks more into the actual practical light setups in a professional setting and the job requirements of a gaffer.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 9 Views: 1226

Filmmaking - 104 - Intro Into Screenwriting

This is a short playlist about Writing techniques and screenplays.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 7 Views: 1767

Filmmaking - 202 - Pro And Prosumer Camcorders

This playlist will be about Pro-Level Video Camcorders

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 8 Views: 2846

Recording Audio For HDSLR Video Part 3 - Using The Equipment

This playlist is dedicated to learning how to properly use much of the audio equipment that is used on a production shoot.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 8 Views: 1586

Recording Audio For HDSLR Video Part 4 - Using Advanced Equipment

This playlist continues on the previous playlist by showing tutorials on how to use various audio equipment.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 3 Views: 481

Filmmaking - 103 - Camera Techniques

This is a playlist that will contain many of the basic introductory techniques needed to make movies.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 5 Views: 795

Lighting For Video - Kodak Workshops

These are workshops with practical examples of how lighting design works on a real set.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 6 Views: 865

Filmmaking - 106 - Composition And Framing

If you want your movies to look good, you'll need to master several rudimentary art & photography concepts. While many of the cards in this playlist talk about photography, all of the concepts still apply to moving image...

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 4 Views: 1284

Lighting For Video - Metering Properly And Using A Light Meter

This is the definitive playlist for how to learn using a light meter in all of the various situations.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 3 Views: 536

DSLR For Video - Copy

Learn how to shoot video with an HD DSLR camera!

By Tiffany Whitehead Steps: 5 Views: 64

Showing Playlists 11-20 of 20 total.