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Fast And Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Losing Weight: Tips for Quick Weight Loss

By 2 editors Steps: 5 Views: 1197

Pilates Exercises

These are different Pilates exercises.

By 3 editors Steps: 11 Views: 3324

Ways To Lose Holiday Weight

This playlist will give several different ways on how to battle the Holiday Weight challenge. Here is some great advice on ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain or How to Lose the Holiday Weight.

By Krystal Marquez Steps: 6 Views: 1024

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

The Meditation basics to calm and relax yourself. Great for after work for during a long day.

By 4 editors Steps: 7 Views: 1418

Pilates For Beginners

Pilates Basics are step by step here in this playlist.

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Quit Smoking - Quit Assist Phillip Morris

Quit Assist Program organized content from Phillip Morris.

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 8 Views: 1199

Stress Management And Relief

This is a good Learning Playlist to help you learn what is stress and how to deal with stress.

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Fighting Obesity

Fighting obesity is a task that takes time, support and personal dedication. The following takes you through an introduction, research, causes and ways to fight obesity

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Know About Consequences Of Obesity Video
Chakra Balancing & Healing Frequencies

This is a collection of videos of different chakra balancing exercises. Listen to the sounds with or without mediation. There is also information about how frequencies work and some frequency videos to help healaing and ...

By George Alexandrov Steps: 7 Views: 3838

5 Minute Chakra Balancing
Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy and how can you perform this therapy on your own or with a loved one?

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 6 Views: 3104

About Occupational Therapy

Showing Playlists 21-30 of 63 total.