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History Of Golden Apple Foundation And Scholar Program

This is a short history of the Golden Apple Foundation and it's Scholar program.

By Carol Broos Steps: 6 Views: 831

Ancient Rome

I can evaluate the history and development of ancient Rome and demonstrate how its development influenced our modern culture.

By Geoff Hinman Steps: 10 Views: 2398

What Do You Know About Ancient Rome?

is a phrase giving the reasons why the early Italian explorers went to the Americas.

By Gena Prater Steps: 1 Views: 93

Ancient Civilizations Part II: Stone Age & Agricultural Rev.

In part II of the ancient civilization series, students will learn about the Stone Age. They will also learn how nomadic life ended with the Agricultural Revolution. This playlist is compatible with grade 5 Canadian soc...

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 17 Views: 841

Itália - Século XVI

Daily life in Italy in the 16th century

By 2 editors Steps: 34 Views: 2118

77-Digital Media,New Tech: Flipped Learning In Brazilian School

77-Digital Media and New Technologies: application flipped learning (in a Brazilian school)

By 2 editors Steps: 5 Views: 254

77-Digital Media And New Technologies: Application Flipped Learning (in A Brazilian School)
Community Voices Interview Project Tutorial

This is a tutorial created by Wesley Fryer for Storychasers, for a "Community Voices" oral history and audio interview project. Learn more about this Community Voices project and how to get started with you own on: http:...

By Wesley Fryer Steps: 7 Views: 2789

1920s Fashion

This was the era that women started to leave behind their heavy dresses and started dressing more comfortable.

By Katya Krusiec Steps: 3 Views: 233

Ancient Civilizations Part III: Civilization Defined

In this part of series, students will learn what makes a civilization. It is fully compatible with the Canadian grade 5 social studies curriculum.

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 9 Views: 436

Top 5 Social Studies Websites For Highschool - Copy

These websites are great for students and easy to integrate in your classroom. Most importantly, the benefit for students is awesome! Try them out!

By Erin Flanigan Steps: 5 Views: 109

Showing Playlists 71-80 of 83 total.