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Our European Heritage: Middle Ages Through The Reformation

After the Roman Empire fell to invaders in A.D. 476: an introduction to the Middle Ages, Crusades, the Renaissance, and Reformation.

By Heather Trumbour Steps: 9 Views: 1853

Wagon Wheel: Essential Question & CCSS

Quote Accurately from Text

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 10 Views: 132

Welcome To The Wagon Wheel Project
Ancient Civilizations Part I: Archaeology & The Stone Age

Students will learn basic facts about archeology and the Stone Age. Part of a series for teaching the grade 5 Canadian social studies curriculum.

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 4 Views: 229

The Grammarian's Playground: Fine Points Of Italian Grammar

Not everyone is a fan of grammar-- that is, the rules, mechanics, evolutions, and vagaries of human language. But some of us are. So this is a playlist for you! The Italian language has extraordinarily strong patterns t...

By La Professoressa Steps: 1 Views: 112

Ancient Civilizations Part VI: The Aztecs.

A series of clips you can use to teach your class about the Aztecs. Links to the Canadian grade 5 Social Studies curriculum.

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 8 Views: 440

Wagon Wheel - The Story Behind The Song - Copy

A collaborative learning project weaving together digital tools and the Common Core

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 8 Views: 11

Wagon Wheel - The Story Behind The Song
Community Voices Interview Project Tutorial

This is a tutorial created by Wesley Fryer for Storychasers, for a "Community Voices" oral history and audio interview project. Learn more about this Community Voices project and how to get started with you own on: http:...

By Wesley Fryer Steps: 7 Views: 2725

Mississippi History

Mississippi is a land rich in geographical beauty, natural wonders, and natural resources. Two of its borders are formed by waterways important to Mississippi’s culture and economy.

By Ashley Gramma Steps: 10 Views: 837


Web 2.0 and useful websites for HSIE subjects

By Jack Patterson Steps: 2 Views: 189

History Of Golden Apple Foundation And Scholar Program

This is a short history of the Golden Apple Foundation and it's Scholar program.

By Carol Broos Steps: 6 Views: 577

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