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Ancient Civilizations Part I: Archaeology & The Stone Age

Students will learn basic facts about archeology and the Stone Age. Part of a series for teaching the grade 5 Canadian social studies curriculum.

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 4 Views: 194

Women's Suffrage

Importance of the 19th amendment versus the 15th amendment.

By Ashley Lampley Steps: 6 Views: 430

History Websites

Lots of educational and fun websites about social studies and world history.

By Lauren Schumacher Steps: 5 Views: 141

Claudett Colvin

Read these links to learn more about Claudett and her role in history.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 4 Views: 1046

The Age Of Exploration

- Gold, God, Glory - John Cabot - Columbian Exchange - Vasco da Gama - Triangular Trade - Amerigo Vespucci - Middle Passage - Bartholomeu Dias - Treaty...

By Sam M Steps: 12 Views: 1033

The Rise And Fall Of Civiliazations

This will aid in the instruction of the patterns that exist as civilizations rise and fall throughout the course of history into the present and future.

By Christy Lamb Steps: 9 Views: 380

The Holocaust

This play list will give you some idea of what lead up to The Holocaust, wht it was like in the camps and the aftermatch

By carol thomson Steps: 2 Views: 203

What Can We Learn From A Shoe?
The Grammarian's Playground: Fine Points Of Italian Grammar

Not everyone is a fan of grammar-- that is, the rules, mechanics, evolutions, and vagaries of human language. But some of us are. So this is a playlist for you! The Italian language has extraordinarily strong patterns t...

By La Professoressa Steps: 1 Views: 108

Mounting A Double V Campaign

Group 1 DeRichie pd 6/7

By Rosalie Hood Steps: 4 Views: 154

Mounting A Double V Campaign
Medieval Medicine And Science

A tour through ideas about medicine and science in the Middle Ages.

By Dave Chilton Steps: 10 Views: 605


Showing Playlists 21-30 of 48 total.