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Virtual Field Trips To Home Stay Families' Cities

While on our virtual Study Abroad experience in Italy, you'll be "staying" with an Italian family of your choice. Each family is from one of the country's most famous cities. This playlist provides short videos introduci...

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Creative Learning: Using Comic Strips

Your learning for this course can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, ways that are based on your own individual interests, learning styles, and preferences. This playlist is organized to help you explore the format of...

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The Grammarian's Playground: Fine Points Of Italian Grammar

Not everyone is a fan of grammar-- that is, the rules, mechanics, evolutions, and vagaries of human language. But some of us are. So this is a playlist for you! The Italian language has extraordinarily strong patterns t...

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Fair Isn't Always Equal - Rick Wormeli @rickwormeli

Videos from Rick Wormeli's Fair Isn't Equal book about grading

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