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S2-Th-F-Jennie Magiera-Integration Isn't Enough: Redefine

Explore what it means to truly redefine a learning space throught digital devices. Re-think your curriculum while maintaining growth in Common Core Standards.

By 2 editors Steps: 5 Views: 1383

S1-Th-Wes Fryer- Mobile Apps And Curriculum For Your Class

Learn to create free mobile app - ios or android

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 5 Views: 285

S1-F-Meg Wilson-iPodsibilities

Discover the possibilities of using iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads in your classroom to individualize and differentiate instruction for all learners.

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Meg Wilson
K-Th-L-Scott McLeod-Consumption VS Production:

Keynote with Luncheon(Special ticketed event). Consumption v. Production: Student agency, voice, and empowerment in a digital, global world.

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 7 Views: 469

S3-Meg Wilson-iAuthor An IBook

Discover how to embed audio, photos, video, and web links to make a personalized multimodal iBook

By 2 editors Steps: 4 Views: 244

S1-Th-Scott McLeod-Designing For Our New Ecosystem

Spotlight - How can we be more intentional and purposeful about resolving incongruities between in-school learning spaces and out-of-school learning spaces? -focus on creation/ participation, not just consumption-

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 4 Views: 176

W1-Angela Maiers-Habitudes Of A 21st Century Learner: Keys For Li

Explore the intentional lessons and conversations that nurture and develop habits and attitudes of a 21st century learner; the Habitudes that ensure our students’ success far beyond our classrooms.

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W2-Angela Maiers-Social Media

Helps students and teachers working with digital texts and social mediums in order to meet the changing nature of literate practices.

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 4 Views: 158

W3-Angela Maiers-Leadership In A Digital Age: Creating A Living,

BREATHE… Build a Base for using the right tools Relationships and connections to improve our learning Extend your reach and communication with these tools and connections

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 4 Views: 215

Showing Playlists 21-29 of 29 total.