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Cake Decorating Course 1 (Decorating Basic)

Course 1 you will learn the fundamental of how to make buttercream icing, what trick you can do to prevent the cake from looking like a hill, as well as, to learn how preparing a featherweight bag with a coupler and fill...

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--Non-Math Ideas I Want To Use In My Classroom

A random assortment of videos, articles, and websites that are not necessarily content-specific but give me ideas of things I'd like to do in my classroom.

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 25 Views: 15459

163 Questions To Write Or Talk About
--Games And Activities To Try In My Classroom

Links to blogs, articles, and websites that include games and activities that I would like to try in my classroom. These all have something to do with actual math content, rather than just a general educational idea.

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 3 Views: 401

Whiteboarding Mistake Game: A Guide
--Inspirational Education Stuff!

Links to articles, videos, websites, etc that have something educational that inspires me to think :)

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 8 Views: 829

Seth Godin - What Is School For?
--Interesting Educational Articles

Articles found in Educational Journals (or the like) that I found very interesting or thought-provoking

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 5 Views: 528

Diverse Teaching Strategies For Diverse Learners
--Educational Random-ness

Random links I wanted to keep because I found them cool or interesting or...

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 5 Views: 809

Keynote Theater #003: Dissecting Salman Khan At TED | EdReach
Warmers And Time-fillers

ideas for class

By Inna Mak Steps: 1 Views: 78

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