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Using Computer Games In Education

This Playlist will collect the best resources from around the web on how to use computer games in the classroom as well as how to implement a game-based curriculum which incorporates both game play and game design and pr...

By Justin Marquis Steps: 27 Views: 12761

What Does Game-based Learning Offer Higher Education? | Online Universities
The Rise Of K12 Blended Learning

Learn about blended learning and keep up with new innovations.

By Alex Hernandez Steps: 13 Views: 5659


In the age of testing, are we teaching, encouraging, inspiring, fostering creativity? How to- Identity Day, Innovation Day, FedEx Day, Creativity- many resources for teachers to use to inspire creativity

By jill brandeberry Steps: 29 Views: 1792

Learning Futures - Where To Next In Education?

Resources and and ideas that I have found valuable in my improvement joinery towards the best education that we can provide for our young people

By Erin Weightman Steps: 9 Views: 683

K-Th-L-Scott McLeod-Consumption VS Production:

Keynote with Luncheon(Special ticketed event). Consumption v. Production: Student agency, voice, and empowerment in a digital, global world.

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 7 Views: 505

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