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Apps For An 'Outstanding' Ipad Lesson.

Applications used, in order, to enhance learning in a single lesson

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 10 Views: 9658

Top 5 IPad Apps For The Classroom

The top 5 apps tried and tested in secondary school.

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 11 Views: 6377

IPad Trial In School - Timeline/thoughts

Documenting the trials and tribulations of a 1:1 iPad trial in a UK secondary school.

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 13 Views: 13615

IPads In Education

In support of a 1:1 iPad programme in school

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 7 Views: 4155

Education Workflow On IPad

There are lots of ways to use an iPad to support learning. One of the best ways is to not just use on app, but use them collectively and in conjunction with one another

By Mark Anderson Steps: 6 Views: 2654

IPads In Elementary Classrooms -research, Apps, Resources

This mentor mob is designed to help implement a classroom rollout of iPads in an elementary school

By Sharon Mumm Steps: 4 Views: 929

69-How To Google Your Flip SMARTly With Doceri

In this presentation we will share various tools we have discovered over two years of implementation to support our flipped environment. These include Google Apps, Doceri for the iPad, and SMART products. We will share s...

By 2 editors Steps: 4 Views: 677

69-How To Google Your Flip SMARTly With Doceri
So You Want To Learn How To Use An IPad

This playlist will take you through screencasts that will talk you through, step by step, the basic features of the iPad and some of the key apps that you might want to use, particularly if you work in education.

By Mark Anderson Steps: 8 Views: 10107

#ipadflip Resources

Resources shared during 'Creating multimedia with the iPad in a flipped environment'. Hoseted by Christopher Tully (@cteduonline)

By Eric Pitt Steps: 8 Views: 1867


iPads are making their way into schools, but what are some of the best uses? I've compiled some of my best resources here. Enjoy!

By Brenda Sherry Steps: 9 Views: 767

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 32 total.