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Education Workflow On IPad

There are lots of ways to use an iPad to support learning. One of the best ways is to not just use on app, but use them collectively and in conjunction with one another

By Mark Anderson Steps: 6 Views: 2685

So You Want To Learn How To Use An IPad

This playlist will take you through screencasts that will talk you through, step by step, the basic features of the iPad and some of the key apps that you might want to use, particularly if you work in education.

By Mark Anderson Steps: 8 Views: 10157

How To Be An IPad Learner- Playlist 1

Seems that many schools are bringing in iPads and integrating them into the curriculum, but even more schools are NOT doing that just yet. I don't think students should wait until the school decides to hand them out. I...

By Alison Anderson Steps: 9 Views: 1398

Excellent Audio Recording Apps For IPad

A tour of apps for recording and generating audio clips and messages to share with students, introduced by Med Kharbach on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning via @medkh9

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 11 Views: 695

How To Be An IPad Learner- Playlist 2

Writing on the iPad- simply typing, writing your thoughts out long hand first, or even speaking them out loud. No matter what method you like to use, the iPad will work for you!

By Alison Anderson Steps: 7 Views: 633

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