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3.1 Hardware

The hardware topic deals with a computer system consisting of input devices, output devices, a central processing unit and storage.

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3.8 Spreadsheets, Modeling And Simulations

The increasing capabilities of computers have allowed individuals and organizations to develop software that can be used to test “what-if” scenarios and create simulations and models of real-world events.

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3.8 Goals And Objectives
3.2 Software

The software topic deals with the software associated with a typical computer system.The development of software can have social impacts such as increased access for disabled people, and ethical issues, for example, only...

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3.7 Databases

Databases lie at the heart of most IT systems whether in businesses, organizations or other institutions. Databases enable organizations to maintain accurate and comprehensive records.

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3.3 Networks

The increasing use of networks raises a range of social impacts and ethical issues such as unauthorized access, intrusive software (viruses, worms and Trojan horses), spam, phishing, pharming, spoofing and identity theft...

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3.6 Multimedia And Digital Media

Multimedia/digital media involves the use and integration of media (for example, text, images and graphic elements, animation, sound and music, and video) to create digital products that are available online or offline.

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3.4 Internet

The use of the internet for activities such as e-commerce, academic research and social networking can raise ethical issues and have positive or negative social impacts. These may include exposure to undesirable material...

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Exploded Illustrations

Please view the samples of “exploded technical illustrations” to use as examples to develop your own version of an exploded illustration.

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Task 1: In The Beginning... Timeline

Using one of the online tools below, generate your own timeline to visualize the history and evolution of the internet. - You must begin in 1957 and end in 2012. - Be sure to add images and descriptions to your timelines...

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