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Investigating Marriage

This playlist will be used to assist senior secondary school students in their investigation of marriage as a social and religious phenomenon.

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This playlist is about the poverty in different societies

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Social Justice Issues: HIV/AIDS

This playlist talks about the HIV/AIDS epidemic throughout the world

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What Is A Social Justice Issue?
Water And Sanitation

Water and Sanitation is an issue in todays world, especially those of the third world countries.

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Bullying In Schools


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From Little Things ....

This playlist has been designed to help Year 10 RE students engaged in preparing and presenting an extended reflection on the relationship between vocation, work and Jesus.

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Jesus, Son Of God

This playlist has been created to assist students with an investigation into why Jesus being the Son of God is important to Christians. Many of the resources have been suggested by students. This brings with it a set of ...

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Before You Read
Standing Up For The T'boli

This playlist has been created to alert people to the plight of the T'boli people of the Philippines. I am using this playlist to model for my students how to create social justice playlists that reflect the Review of Li...

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Against Cloning

This playlist is about the ethical issues related to cloning.

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