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How To Write A Resume

To prepare yourself for any job the first step is to have a resume and cover letter that catches the employers attention. After your resume your interviewing skills will be essential to seal the deal. Good luck!

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How To Write A Resume - Dos And Don'ts
A Day In The Life Of Your Dream Job!

Follow through the days in the life of these professionals... who do you want to become when you grow up?

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How To Interview For A Job

Best practices for a strong interview.

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How To Prepare For An Interview
Selling Skills offers training videos on Selling Skills 101.

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How To Dress For A Job Interview

How you dress for an interview is your first impression with your possible new employer. Make it matter and do your research.

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Becoming A Teacher

Follow through the journey of becoming a teacher with

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How To Negotiate A Salary

This playlist will help you find the best practices on how to negotiate your salary with a new and current employer.

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How To Pitch Yourself In 30 Seconds

What should you say or not say? How do you determine what is the most important information? Follow these examples for tips and tricks.

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The JobSeekers FAQ

Taken from the pages of the book, The JobSeekers FAQ, bestselling author, speaker, and career expert Tim McMahon shares the proven techniques of successful job seekers - from finding "the perfect job" to job search plann...

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Create A Resume That Rocks!

How do you tell recruiters and hiring managers that you're "the one"? Your well-written resume will open the door for interviews. But a lot can go wrong... So before you apply, know how to create a fantastic resume th...

By Dave Ellis Steps: 5 Views: 1224

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 18 total.