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Beginner Knitting Stitches And Patterns

Knitting: Basic Knit Stitches and Patterns

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Knitting Increasing And Decreasing Stitches

These are a few of the key stitches in knitting.

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Knitting Supplies And Accessories

What supplies do you need for knitting? Check out some of the top supplies and accessories here.

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 5 Views: 1067


So I want to learn how to knit, don't judge me!

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Learn How To Start Knitting!

The basics that you need to learn how to teach yourself to knit.

By Lesley Karpiuk Steps: 10 Views: 798

Learn How To Start Knitting!
Circular Knitting Methods

This playlist will introduce the learner to various circular knitting techniques such as working with double-pointed needles, two-circulars and Magic Loop.

By Kellye Self Steps: 4 Views: 500

YouTube - Knitting Socks With EliZZZa #01 * Introduction To Various Techniques * DPNs, Circulars And More

Showing Playlists 1-6 of 6 total.