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Student Life At Loyola University Chicago

Welcome to Loyola, Chicago's Jesuit University.

By Jess Livinghouse Steps: 15 Views: 3250

Campus Safety - Loyola University Chicago

Discover all of the safety tips Campus Safety has to offer at Loyola University Chicago.

By Mary Redmond Steps: 7 Views: 465

Campus Safety - Letter From Father G
Parents Of Loyola Students

Check out this playlist to address any questions or concerns regarding your student's experience at Loyola.

By Mary King Steps: 10 Views: 681

First-Generation Students At Loyola

Information for First-Generation students attending Loyola University Chicago, including resources on campus.

By Callie Short Steps: 7 Views: 366

Resources And LUC

This playlist provides access to resources for students to succeed and enjoy their time at Loyola.

By Philip Steps: 9 Views: 1165

Loyola University Chicago Alumni

Resources for LUC Alumni

By Jess Livinghouse Steps: 5 Views: 996

Transferring To Loyola

Transferring to Loyola and some of the resources available to new transfer students

By Scott Harris Steps: 11 Views: 653

First-Year Experience At Loyola University Chicago

We are committed to helping all of our new students get a successful start to their unique Loyola Experience.

By Bridget Wesley Steps: 7 Views: 586

Showing Playlists 1-8 of 8 total.