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Building A-Startup, A-Team And A-SocialMedia Platform.

Startuppers, who wants to create and build a better his-herself, an organisation and his/her vision. Startup must be lean and agile at the beginning but fat and agile at the end from investment rounds. And the entreprene...

By Saidy Smeenk Steps: 11 Views: 8891

Build You And Your Platform With Personal Brand Within The Social Media Landscape
Analyzing Market Trends

Analyzing Market Trends

By Cristina Mañes Sierra Steps: 7 Views: 1429

Marketing PowerPoint Lessons
Análisis De Mercado

análisis de mercado

By Cristina Mañes Sierra Steps: 2 Views: 448

Tesis Basada En Metodología De Kothler
Thank You, Economy.

2012, the thank you so much marketing will be a hit. So use this information this year.

By Saidy Smeenk Steps: 4 Views: 676

SWOT Analysis

This playlist teaches Year 12 Business Studies students about the SWOT analysis used in marketing.

By 2 editors Steps: 10 Views: 3887

Marketing - Market Objectives

This playlist looks at Market Objectives.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 2 Views: 383

Best Practices In Modern Sports Management

These examples provide best practices for navigating the changing technological and communication paradigm in the sports industry

By Irv Rein Steps: 11 Views: 990

Best Practices Introduction
Market Research Questions - Constructing Your Own Survey

This playlist explores the idea of market research, including primary and secondary market research. Further it will guide you to construct your own questionnaire and provide you with examples.

By 2 editors Steps: 8 Views: 1052

Marketing Strategies

Your business has launched, now you must keep the traffic coming. Create a winning marketing plan and rely on certain marketing aspects that will keep your user/customer base growing.

By Eric Pitt Steps: 8 Views: 138

Higher Education Marketing Tips

Tips and tricks for your college's or universitys marketing efforts.

By Noelle Visani Steps: 1 Views: 46

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 18 total.