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LearnBoost #Edmeet Chat 6/15/12

Sources shared during today's twitter chat, Mobile in Education.

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iPads are making their way into schools, but what are some of the best uses? I've compiled some of my best resources here. Enjoy!

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S1-Th-Hall Davidson-Making Mobile Media Meaningful

Learn how to send images/videos/audio to common, free "channels" to support classrooms, projects, or entire schools.

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Hall Davidson
Mobile Learning In Higher Ed

Mobile! [Please add more descriptive description :)]

By Erin Sheffer Steps: 1 Views: 101

Android Applications And Games

android applications and development article,news.

By solomon david Steps: 1 Views: 67

Emails For Mobile – A Valuable Starting Strategy For Small Busine

Where every small business is thinking of devising a mobile based email strategy it becomes imperative for marketers to consider processes step by step and develop a valuable starting strategy.

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Let Smartphones And Tabs Do The Business – Mobile Content Marketi

Have you ever wondered how the companies make their business look big? It is simple; they adopt latest technology that lies in the market to showcase their services and products.

By John Parker Steps: 1 Views: 21

Launching Mobile Marketing Campaign – Summoning Quick Tips

Mobile marketing has its presence within the B2B space but marketers still not utilized the particular strategy to its full potential therefore this piece of content shall summon quick tips suiting the process.

By Sara Diaz Steps: 1 Views: 12

Showing Playlists 1-8 of 8 total.