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Essential Firefox Tools For Educators

The Mozilla Firefox browser add-on capabilities can extend the functionality of the browser to support improved student academic performance and increase the instructor's productivity. In this workshop, you will learn ho...

By Eric Pitt Steps: 12 Views: 1438

TASCasaurus Hacktivity Kit: Remixing With Middle Schoolers

These hacktivities and resources will help middle school students learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and the Open Web. Learners will tinker around with web pages using the X-Ray Goggles and remix to make their own webpage...

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 19 Views: 1395

Diving In

A Diving In activity is one that gives pointed instruction to participants on tools or procedures. An example of a Diving In activity would be allowing the participants to get used to the interface of Thimble or Popcorn ...

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 13 Views: 983

Popcorn Maker Hacktivity Kit

Learn by remixing and sharing web video. Familiarize yourself with the basics of web-based storytelling. Use Popcorn Maker, a remixing tool for web video, for the first time. Make your own web-based movies.

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 12 Views: 856

Ways Of The Web Teaching Kit

Help people learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Use Thimble to tinker with the web and make new webpages.

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 7 Views: 536

Make It! Share It! Hacktivity Kit

Design and publish an interactive, remixable How-To. Make a guide that encourages collaboration, problem solving, critical thought and, of course, webmaking.

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 8 Views: 512

Thimble For Journalists Hacktivity Kit

Introduce journalists to code. Learners get familiar with code that they might see in their news organization's content management system. Then they create their own online prototypes and experiments.

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 9 Views: 681

Discovering The Open Web Teaching Kit

The Discovering the Open Web kit uses open inquiry and a lot of post-it notes to help people learn about openness. This kit serves as an introduction to the Open Movement and the Open Web by having learners explore open ...

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 11 Views: 993

Exploring Ideas Teaching Kit

The Exploring Ideas kit uses brainstorming techniques and design constraints to help learners reflect on the question: If you could make anything on the Web, what would it be and why?

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 11 Views: 1225

Mozilla Demo

Hacking is for everyone.

By Charles Perry Steps: 4 Views: 584

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