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Jungian Psychology And The Search For Meaning

Learn all about Carl Jung's approach to the psyche and how we can apply it to bring meaning into our lives.

By Sophia Cycles Steps: 8 Views: 1402

Mythology Background

Background information for a study of mythology by sixth grade students.

By Spring Voltz Steps: 1 Views: 249

Big Rich Mt. Olympus

You've moved to the upscale neighborhood of Mt. Olympus, rubbing elbows with the big shots, the wealthy, the divine - yes the Greek Gods. To fit in you better know who your neighbors are! This playlist will help you find...

By Gwyneth Jones Steps: 20 Views: 5100

Big Rich Mt. Olympus - The Playlist!
Myth And Mythology

Learn the technical definition of myth, and a working typology for classifying various myths. Describe major theories of myth and their functions in religious studies.

By Patricia Power Steps: 5 Views: 22

Greek Mythology

A brief overview of Greek gods, goddesses and myths that shaped their culture

By Amanda Putzier Steps: 6 Views: 527

Showing Playlists 1-5 of 5 total.