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What Is Project Based Learning?

This playlist will help you understand what is Project Based Learning - PBL. Strong support communities included in this playlist. Feel free to add your own resources.

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 12 Views: 11458

Project Based Learning: Explained
50-Embracing Failure: Flipped Project Based Learning

Participants in this session will review specific strategies and resources to incorporate Project Based Learning (PBL) into middle and high school Flipped Classrooms. The presenters will thoughtfully comment on their own...

By Flipped Learning Steps: 6 Views: 741

50-Embracing Failure: Flipped Project Based Learning
Online Search Tools

Alternatives to Google

By Tony Vincent Steps: 5 Views: 1835

Nature Of Science

An investigation of scientific inquiry and experimental design.

By Hassan Wilson Steps: 30 Views: 1100

6Qs Of PBL!

A short synopsis of the questions surrounding Project Based Learning.

By Michelle Izzo Steps: 9 Views: 1317

PBL Resources

Although my journey with PBL began about 3 years ago, my attendance at PBL World 2013 in Napa Valley really solidified things for me. Here are some reasons to do PBL and some resources to get you started!

By Heidi Hutchison Steps: 10 Views: 392

Week 4 Materials And Resources

This week we will be talking about assessing Project Based Learning activities and how self-grading helps both teachers and learners.

By Patricia Smiley Steps: 11 Views: 326

PBL Sites

Great resources for all of your Project Based Learning needs!

By Allison Holland Steps: 11 Views: 2441

Project-Based Learning Posts By Peter Skillen

I have gathered together posts from my blog relating to Project-Based Learning.

By Peter Skillen Steps: 6 Views: 597

Week 5 Wrapping Up And Going Forward

Let's review and see what we've learned about PBL and what we might want to do next.

By Pat Smiley Steps: 9 Views: 233

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 24 total.