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Centipedes are feared among many households, learn more about them and how to reduce your chances on running into one of these grotesque pests.

By Patrick Farris Steps: 8 Views: 742


In this presentation you will learn why Gophers are considered to be pests and how they impact people and our environment.

By Ryan McCormack Steps: 10 Views: 578

The Japanese Beetle

A discussion of the Japanese beetle as a pest, including its biology, location, spread, and control methods. Bill Nicholas JT APES Period 3

By Bill Nicholas Steps: 8 Views: 286

The Locust

This playlist will delve into the details of the locust's status as a pest. So strap on your thinking caps and get ready to learn!

By Aaron Noll Steps: 10 Views: 940


Gophers are pests that are very damaging to agricultural systems

By Jessica Sparks Steps: 9 Views: 927


This playlist will teach you everything you should know about ticks. After you see it, you will be enlightened.

By Daniel Mccullough Steps: 8 Views: 348


pest project

By Jill Trent Steps: 0 Views: 0


Description of the Silverfish as a pest and ways to control it.

By Matthew Jordan Steps: 1 Views: 90


Silverfish as a pest.

By Matthew Jordan Steps: 9 Views: 528

Showing Playlists 1-9 of 9 total.