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Weevil's Are Evil.

There are thousands of different types of weevils in the world. Weevils are considered pests because they feed on crops and can kill plants. They can be found almost everywhere on the planet including your own home.

By Neal Trautman Steps: 8 Views: 410


Description of the Silverfish as a pest and ways to control it.

By Matthew Jordan Steps: 1 Views: 90

The Locust

This playlist will delve into the details of the locust's status as a pest. So strap on your thinking caps and get ready to learn!

By Aaron Noll Steps: 10 Views: 940


This playlist will teach you everything you should know about ticks. After you see it, you will be enlightened.

By Daniel Mccullough Steps: 8 Views: 348

Showing Playlists 1-4 of 4 total.