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2012 IOWA Caucus - Candidates

Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process for President of the United States. This playlist will provide you with information on each of the Republican candidates t...

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Iowa Caucuses
2012 New Hampshire Primary - GOP Republican Candidates

After a long night and very close "photo finish" between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum at the 2012 Iowa Caucus on January 3rd, the top Republican candidates move on to the New Hampshire Primary on January 10th. In this l...

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2012 Iowa Republican Caucus - Official Results
Introduction To Occupy Wall Street

Want to understand to roots and aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement but don't want to ask your overbearing political friend about it? Look no further.

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Guide To The 2012 Republican Presidential Primaries

Everything you need to know about the Republican Primary. Questions answered: Who's running? What are the candidates' stances on the important issues? Who's leading so far? When's the next televised debate? Who should I ...

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Ron Paul For President News & Introduction

Intrigued by dark horse Republican Primary Candidate Dr. Ron Paul? Trying to convince the unconvinced his message of personal liberty is worth a look? Use this playlist to education and inform.

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Jon Huntsman Drops Out Of The 2012 Race. Now What?

John Huntsman's political history and 2012 Republican presidential campaign is reviewed. What his withdrawal means for the Republican party and for his supporters.

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2012 GOP Republican Candidate - Michele Bachmann

Get to know and learn more about the 2012 Republican candidate Michele Bachmann in this learning playlist.

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2012 GOP Republican Candidate - Rick Santorum

Get to know and learn more about the 2012 Republican candidate Rick Santorum in this learning playlist.

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2012 GOP Republican Candidate - Ron Paul

Get to know this year's GOP dark horse candidate, from his childhood, through this years race. Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record: He has never voted to raise taxes. He has never voted for an unbalanced budg...

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Ron Paul At A Glance
2012 GOP Republican Candidate - Mitt Romney

Get to know and learn more about the 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney in this learning playlist.

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