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What Is Project Based Learning?

This playlist will help you understand what is Project Based Learning - PBL. Strong support communities included in this playlist. Feel free to add your own resources.

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 12 Views: 11458

Project Based Learning: Explained
PBL In The Elementary Classroom

PBL: Creating projects in the elementary classroom

By Amy Musone Steps: 7 Views: 1922

PBL Resources

Although my journey with PBL began about 3 years ago, my attendance at PBL World 2013 in Napa Valley really solidified things for me. Here are some reasons to do PBL and some resources to get you started!

By Heidi Hutchison Steps: 10 Views: 392

Projects Vs. Products

This playlist is designed to confirm an understanding of project-based learning and to begin to build a criteria for determining quality products.

By Colleen Broderick Steps: 2 Views: 122

Revolutions In Media Hacktivity Kit

Explore how media influences culture and society. Use Popcorn Maker to remix context and bring stories to life.

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 9 Views: 507

Revolutions In Media Hacktivity Kit
Remix The Web Hacktivity Kit

Learn how to remix images, video and stories. Or just about anything on the web!

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 7 Views: 449

How To Make A Podcast

Here are the steps and options you have in order to create, record and submit your own podcast.

By Alison Anderson Steps: 0 Views: 0

PBL Resources: Learn More About PBL - Copy

Keep up to date on Project Based Learning!!

By Brooke Busse Steps: 8 Views: 1015

PBL Sites

Great resources for all of your Project Based Learning needs!

By Allison Holland Steps: 11 Views: 2441

Week 5 Wrapping Up And Going Forward

Let's review and see what we've learned about PBL and what we might want to do next.

By Pat Smiley Steps: 9 Views: 233

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 22 total.