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Online Gallery Walk

This is a brief playlist about some of the worlds major religions.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 10 Views: 3477

Some Of The Freedoms Of The 1st Amendment

This is an educational playlist about the freedoms of religion as well as the freedom of speech

By Jeremy Boyd Steps: 6 Views: 486

Carnevale In Italia

È Carnevale-- ogni scherzo vale! Carnival in Italy is a time of fun and community before the beginning of Lent, a period of reflection and cleansing. This playlist introduces you to a variety of cities in which Carneva...

By La Professoressa Steps: 11 Views: 504

Social Reproduction: Ritual & Religion

Shamans, Bodies, and Sex: Misreading a Korean Ritual.

By Kristin Ramirez Steps: 8 Views: 545

The Giriama Tribe Of Kenya

In the village of Giriama, Kenya it is tradition for women to engage in song and dance regarding sexual intercourse during the burial process. This culture believes that these rituals performed at a funeral provide a dis...

By Mercedes Coppin Steps: 8 Views: 611

Shamans, Bodies, And Sex: Misreading A Korean Ritual

This playlist is intended for further research and background information on the themes and culture surrounding the article of the same name written by Laurel Kendall.

By Cory Reynolds Steps: 5 Views: 180

Islam: 5 Pillars In 10 Pages

...and 5 quizzes! Learn a little about the religion of Islam and the five things each Muslim must achieve in his or her lifetime. This playlist focuses on the outward expressions of faith and not on theology.

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Social Reproduction: Ritual & Religion - Copy

Shamans, Bodies, and Sex: Misreading a Korean Ritual.

By Kristin Ramirez Steps: 8 Views: 604

Students Disrespecting School Property

Students do not take care of their school surroundings and disrespect them ever day. They disrespect their school by littering, vandalism in the toilets, on the lockers, desks and so many other places. Swinging on chairs...

By Jazmine Hewitt-Myers Steps: 1 Views: 66


this playlist is about bullying and catholic social teachings of this issue.

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