Salsa Dance

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Basic Salsa Dancing Steps

Learn the basic steps of Salsa here.

By 2 editors Steps: 5 Views: 198 Learners: 8

Basic Salsa Dancing Turns

This playlist will take you through the basic turns in Salsa.

By 2 editors Steps: 5 Views: 125 Learners: 7

Salsa Tips And Dancewear

Basic tips and dancewear can be viewed in this learning playlist. Feel free to add to the growing playlist on Salsa tips.

By 3 editors Steps: 6 Views: 147 Learners: 7

Salsa Inside And Outside Turns

Learn your inside and outside turns in this learning playlist.

By Kristin MMarie Steps: 8 Views: 93 Learners: 4

Salsa In And Out Moves

Basic in and out moves for your Salsa dance.

By 2 editors Steps: 4 Views: 92 Learners: 4

Salsa Cross Body Lead

Salsa Dancing: Crossbody Leads

By 2 editors Steps: 3 Views: 73 Learners: 4

Showing Playlists 1-6 of 6 total.