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Future Skills Learning I

The future society and economy requires new skills, not provided by present educational systems. This playlist is a collection of reading as an introduction to the subject. Further playlists will present more readings an...

By Giorgio Bertini Steps: 5 Views: 1365

Education Is Failing The Future-makers
Professional Skills

When students work together in groups they need some skills. This playlist can be use during the course Projectmatig werken

By Sylvia Schouwenaars-Hilt Steps: 13 Views: 3101

Strategy Mapping Selling - The Essentials

A unique, powerpacked online learning experience for sales professionals. Strategy Mapping Selling is the sames sales training program selected by major corporations worldwide to train their sales organizations. Join yo...

By Tim McMahon Steps: 10 Views: 2214

Introduction: Strategy Mapping Selling
Build Your A-Skillsets

Your skills in your startup is the most valuable assets you got. So start building them as soon as possible.

By Saidy Smeenk Steps: 8 Views: 1690

Building A-Startup, A-Team And A-Communication Platform. - MentorMob
Reading Skills: French

Here are some ideas for you to develop better skills in reading French, without relying on your dictionary.

By Fiona Boughey Steps: 11 Views: 944

HSC Help For French Beginners
Skull Boy

Skull boy is a very hostile mob

By Lucas Kirton Steps: 0 Views: 0

Showing Playlists 1-6 of 6 total.