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Building A-Startup, A-Team And A-SocialMedia Platform.

Startuppers, who wants to create and build a better his-herself, an organisation and his/her vision. Startup must be lean and agile at the beginning but fat and agile at the end from investment rounds. And the entreprene...

By Saidy Smeenk Steps: 11 Views: 8869

Build You And Your Platform With Personal Brand Within The Social Media Landscape
Social Media Marketing 101

With the explosion of the social media universe it can be difficult to know where to start. Which networks do you join? How do you keep up with all of them? Which ones do you use for business? Which ones for fun? Where d...

By 3 editors Steps: 9 Views: 3632

Social Media Marketing In 3 Minutes - YouTube
EDM310 Tools For Success

This playlist is a collection of tools, websites, and sources that previous EDM310 students have found useful for success in this class. (Created by an EDM310 Lab Assistant.)

By Bailey Hammond Steps: 8 Views: 1917

How To Use Twitter (Twitter 101)

This playlist will teach you how to communicate on Twitter and use the website's search function

By Eric Pitt Steps: 4 Views: 1161

How To Make The Most Of Twitter In Education

An introduction to twitter with hints and tips for educators

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 7 Views: 3463

Dominate Google With Search Engine Optimization (SE0)

Learn how to get your results listed on the first search page of Google.

By Hubert Yee Steps: 7 Views: 2256

#Curation Restart Education Project

Welcome in the New Tech Age where Curation is Social Media King tell you Lucian a normal teacher who work a lot to became Social Media Curator htt...

By Lucian ECurator Steps: 24 Views: 9473

ESafety4eTwinners Project

eSafety4eTwinners - web 2.0 and social media use eTwinners 4 preventing school dropout

By Lucian ECurator Steps: 10 Views: 2319

Understanding Social Media With The Help Of Infographics

Here are some helpful charts and infographics to help you understand the different elements, strategies and tactics to help you with Social Media

By Krystal Marquez Steps: 5 Views: 654

Top Ways To Use Facebook In The Classroom

If used properly, Facebook can engage students in the classroom rather than distract them. But navigating privacy and engagement issues can be tricky.

By Charles Perry Steps: 7 Views: 1297

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 32 total.