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This educational playlist will cover the geography and unique culture of Ghana, Africa.

By Lacie Hughes Steps: 10 Views: 3187

Development Of The 13 Colonies

This collection builds an understanding of the early development of the United States. It does not replace a class discussion. Any lessons involving a discussion of Europeans coming to the New World for religious freedom...

By Elisabeth Anderson Steps: 12 Views: 25628

13 Colonies
Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

I used these videos when doing a directed reading of The Seven Wonder of Sassafras Springs. In the story, the little boy, Eben, dreams of leaving Sassafras Springs to see the world. He has a book of wonders he reads fro...

By Elisabeth Anderson Steps: 8 Views: 1850

88-Explore-Flip-Apply In Social Studies

Using the Explore, Flip, Apply pedagogy participants will learn how guided inquiry benefits and facilitates active student learning in dynamic ways.

By 2 editors Steps: 4 Views: 441

88-Explore-Flip-Apply In The Social Studies Classroom

Social Studies, geography, government, culture

By jill brandeberry Steps: 20 Views: 4736

History Websites

Lots of educational and fun websites about social studies and world history.

By Lauren Schumacher Steps: 5 Views: 308

Current Events For Kids

Use this playlist to help direct your students to quality current events that are written with students' interests and reading levels in mind! Instant access to current events for kids!

By jill brandeberry Steps: 9 Views: 2502

Stuff About Iowa

This is my first playlist on things about Iowa so i hope you enjoy it!

By Andrew Hernandez Steps: 7 Views: 269

Population Density

Population density affects transportation, housing, land use and health.

By jill brandeberry Steps: 8 Views: 1305

Apps For The Social Studies Classroom

Apps for the Social Studies Classroom

By Lisa Durbin Steps: 19 Views: 2531

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 35 total.