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Starting Your Entrepreneurship Career - CEC

The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center is an extension of DePaul’s Entrepreneurship Program, one of the most prestigious and acclaimed programs in the nation. Enjoy learning what it takes to get started as an entrepreneur...

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 14 Views: 4634

Interview Prep And Job Hunting Tips "YouTern is dedicated to matching the best young talent to leading organizations through internships." - Mark Babbit, CEO. This innovative company is ending the old "gofer" internship routine by giving ta...

By Erin - Community Manager Steps: 5 Views: 1810

A Beginner's Guide To Networking As A Student Or Recent Grad

In today's competitive job market, it is imperative for students to understand the need for networking and practice it regularly. This playlist will get you started on the basics of networking for students.

By DePaul University's Cole... Steps: 10 Views: 1440

The Importance Of Job Networking Video
Fall Middle School Student Contests

Competitions held during the fall of each year.

By Michele Alvarez Steps: 8 Views: 1874

2012 MRSWCD Speech Rules

Atividades para discutir as desigualdades sócio econômicas entre os alunos do 2° ano.

By Valdeny Santos Steps: 4 Views: 688

Citing Your Research Sources

Great resources for correctly formatting citations for research project bibliographies

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Creating An Avatar

A set of avatar creator websites. Use them as your profile picture, once created. Some sites may be repeated in the sites that are collections themselves. ALSO, complete the Character Profile PDF about your avatar (you)...

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Digital Portfolios For Students And Teachers

A trend this upcoming school year is Digital Portfolios for Students... what are your thought? Here is some beginning research.

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Glogster Tutorial

How and why to use Glogster

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Strategies For Analyzing Literary Passages

Tips to successfully analyze a reading passage.

By Michele Alvarez Steps: 3 Views: 99

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 46 total.