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Intro To Sony Vegas Pro

This will be an introductory playlist to teach an aspiring filmmaker how to use Sony Vegas Pro.

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 3 Views: 3678

Using Video Production As A Classroom Learning Tool

This Playlist will take educators through the process of incorporating video production into their curriculum. It will include overviews of project planning, classroom management, pre-production, filming, editing, post-p...

By Justin Marquis Steps: 3 Views: 367

Best Video And Sound Tools

best video and sound tools for editing and tv production

By robert calin Steps: 3 Views: 8215

Tools For Student Video Productivity

Students present their learning in multiple media rich formats that increase their learning and that of their peers. Here are some tools that have proven to be especially helpful.

By Linda Foote Steps: 10 Views: 1854

Showing Playlists 1-4 of 4 total.