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How To Tie Knots

Here are some important tips to know about boating knots.

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Swimming: Butterfly Stroke Technique

The Butterfly stroke is one of the more complicated swimming strokes. Learn the basic techniques here.

By Krystal Marquez Steps: 8 Views: 2254

Butterfly Stroke With Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps butterfly training & technique.

By Kris Chinosorn Steps: 7 Views: 2971

Butterfly Stroke Drills And Practice

Michael Phelps is featured here with butterfly swimming drills.

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How To Swim

These are the basics of swimming and includes the essentials to learning for a first time swimmer. Each of these steps will help you make your way through your first time in the water.

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First time boater? Check out the basics to boating in this learning playlist.

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Boat Navigation

Navigation for boating is essential! Here are easy ways to navigate.

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Swimming Backstroke

This playlist will help teach you the backstroke in swimming!

By Adam Croft Steps: 6 Views: 955

Swimming Freestyle

This playlist will help you learn to swim freestyle!

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Showing Playlists 1-9 of 9 total.