Weight Training

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Strength Training

Here are some websites for you to research about working out. Find some activities for you to do and experiment with in class. Remember, only exercise with a spotter or adult supervisor.

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Weight Training - Push/Pull Split Routines

This playlist is dedicated to covering a few different options for push/pull routines and introducing one of the classic and and original bodybuilding routines.

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Weight Training - Starting Strength For Beginners

This playlist will cover the often cited and popular beginner routine, Starting Strength. This method was develop by Mark Rippetoe and serves as a great starting point for many weight lifters.

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Weight Training - Three Day Split

This is a playlist that talks through some basic 3-day splits for bodybuilding.

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Weight Training - Hypertrophy Advanced Info

This playlist will be dedicated to building on our previous learning about Hypertrophy and looking at it with much closer detail and from a medical standpoint. Those athletes that are very serious about their workout and...

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Weight Training - About Training (Intro)

This playlist will be a starting point for all athletes wanting to get into weight training. We will spend a little time talking about what it takes to get started, what aspects to keep in mind, and how the different typ...

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Weight Training - Bodybuilding Motivation

No matter how dedicated you are to your weightlifting routine, everyone needs a push every once in a while. These are a collection of videos that bodybuilders and weightlifters like to share with each other to help push ...

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Weight And Strength Training

Even though running is a cardio activity, it is important to strengthen your muscles through weight training. Building overall muscle will increase your running ability and reduce your chance of injury.

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Weight Training - Bent Over Rows

This playlist will be a collection of articles and videos on how

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Weight Training - Beginner Nutrition

This is a playlist dedicated to introducing athletes to the concepts of nutrition when weight training. Depending on your goals, the nutrition may vary greatly and we'll cover a little of that in this playlist.

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