WPP #4

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Cecilia R. WPP #4 Unit E Concept 3

In this problem will be solving another different type of problem in which will be finding again the maximum and minimum values of quadratic.

By ceci reyes Steps: 4 Views: 155

Eric T's. WPP #4 Unit E Concept 3

Unit E Concept 3 on Maximum and minimum values of quadratic applications. Aread and Perimeter.

By Eric Tran Steps: 3 Views: 163

Maximizing Areas

I explain how to maximize an area.

By Christopher Moreno Steps: 1 Views: 63

Maximizing Areas
Unit E Concept 4: Maximizing Area

The playlist will show a scenario of maximizing area.

By KN QWERTY Steps: 3 Views: 166

Dulce C. WPP#4 Unit E Concept 3

This will help uderstand to solve for maximum area and dimensions

By dulce campos Steps: 1 Views: 64

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