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Writing A Short Story Outline

Use these steps to plan your short story

By Bret Gosselin Jirafales Steps: 5 Views: 7486

The Best Websites For Teaching Writing

Ideas and activities for developing students' writing skill.

By Baiba Svenca Steps: 12 Views: 7136

Writing Activities |
The Hero's Journey: Act One

This is a journey of development that we all make. Thank you to Joseph Campbell for making the initial observations and Christopher Vogler for taking the journey and applying it to writing and movie making. This playli...

By David Sebek Steps: 13 Views: 3816

Overview Of The Hero's Journey
Get Your Blog Noticed

Want to get your blog noticed more? Here are 5 quick tips in the first step and then details in the other steps. Enjoy and please share your insight!

By Kristin Demidovich Steps: 7 Views: 1145

My Character Sketch Project.

I learn that eat to much food is no always good.

By Hector Escobar Steps: 4 Views: 424

Who Is Hearhbeat?
Friendly Letter Format

This playlist will teach you how to write a friendly letter.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 3 Views: 15799

Business (or Formal) Letter Format

This playlist shows you how to write a block style business letter.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 2 Views: 2214


Introductory phrases, prepositional phrases, and appositives

By Katie Lathem Steps: 3 Views: 2209

The Prepositional Phrase
Coordinating Adjectives

Learn how to use commas correctly with coordinating adjectives.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 2 Views: 1006

Understanding Plagiarism

Every teacher hears the words, " I didn't know that copying was wrong." This presentation will help all teachers better understand how to recognize plagiarism and teach their students how to properly paraphrase and cite...

By Dennis OConnor Steps: 6 Views: 1880

Plagiarism | Common Craft Video

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 45 total.