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Writing A Short Story Outline

Use these steps to plan your short story

By Bret Gosselin Jirafales Steps: 5 Views: 8457

The Hero's Journey: Act One

This is a journey of development that we all make. Thank you to Joseph Campbell for making the initial observations and Christopher Vogler for taking the journey and applying it to writing and movie making. This playli...

By David Sebek Steps: 13 Views: 5060

Overview Of The Hero's Journey
My Character Sketch Project.

I learn that eat to much food is no always good.

By Hector Escobar Steps: 4 Views: 551

Who Is Hearhbeat?
Friendly Letter Format

This playlist will teach you how to write a friendly letter.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 3 Views: 22523

Business (or Formal) Letter Format

This playlist shows you how to write a block style business letter.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 2 Views: 2420


Introductory phrases, prepositional phrases, and appositives

By Katie Lathem Steps: 3 Views: 2622

The Prepositional Phrase
Coordinating Adjectives

Learn how to use commas correctly with coordinating adjectives.

By Katie Lathem Steps: 2 Views: 1130

F4- Flipping Writing Instructions

Having time to sit and have a meaningful conversations with your students about their writing and the writing process is the best way to get to know your students as writers. Learn about a way to leverage technology to m...

By 2 editors Steps: 7 Views: 886

F4-Flipping Writing Instructions
Misplaced And Dangling Modifiers

This playlist is adapted from "Grammar Girls Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students".

By Robert Goodwin Steps: 9 Views: 492

Critical Lens Essay Instructions

These videos will walk you through the critical lens essay for the NYS Regents exam as well as give you tips and tricks to get that six!

By Katie Regan Steps: 5 Views: 656

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 36 total.