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Homelessness And Education In The U.S.

This playlist explores the impact that rising homelessness for school-age children has on education in schools across the U.S..

By Jenny Davis Steps: 11 Views: 1479

Homeless With Homework
Hip-Hop C.A.F.E Six Week Program

This playlist will serve as a tool to help youth workers, teachers, instructors, youth leaders understand how to bring Hip-Hop into the discussion that they are having with the young people.

By Tiffany Moore Steps: 15 Views: 424

In The News Promoting Inquiry-based Learning In Literary Programs

This activity uses the media and technology to help teens explore current events and develop writing topics for their poetry. This group writing exercise for teens has four key steps: research, writing, rehearsal, and pe...

By Keith Kelley Steps: 4 Views: 65

Hip-Hop C.A.F.E Spaceship-Fantastic Voyage

This playlist will serve as a template for instructors to organize resources, document curriculum and share for reuse and modification

By Tiffany Moore Steps: 14 Views: 617

Welcome To The Hip-Hop C.A.F.E
The Hitler Youth

The Youth movements established in Nazi Germany to generate support for the National Socialists.

By Helen Stower Steps: 3 Views: 662

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