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Digital Citizenship And Literacy

Some great sources that breakdown important points of Digital Citizenship

By Eric Pitt Steps: 9 Views: 2106

Understanding Plagiarism

Every teacher hears the words, " I didn't know that copying was wrong." This presentation will help all teachers better understand how to recognize plagiarism and teach their students how to properly paraphrase and cite...

By Dennis OConnor Steps: 6 Views: 2557

Plagiarism | Common Craft Video
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A guided lesson to help students learn to protect their identities and practice safe publishing

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 5 Views: 1733

Stay Safe Online!

We need to know how to be safe when we are online.

By DeLyn Beard Steps: 9 Views: 957

Research & Debate

These are videos used in our 7th grade Research and Debate Blog

By Sheri Levasseur Steps: 6 Views: 441

Digital Citizenship For Teachers

Tour of sites for teachers to use in discussing Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship.

By Nancy Caramanico Steps: 23 Views: 3639

Thimble Teaching Kit

This page lists the contents and learning objectives of the Mozilla Thimble Hacktivity Kit. These hacktivities and resources will help people learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and the Open Web. Learners will tinker aroun...

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 7 Views: 694

Digital Footprints

Gathering resources for teaching students how to consider their digital footprints. What they say and do now impacts where they want to go in the future.

By Kevin Hodgson Steps: 10 Views: 1347

Why We Do This?
Digital Citizenship Tools

Digital Citizenship and Footprint

By Carlene Walter Steps: 6 Views: 399

BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker
Digital Citizenship Resources

Sites for teaching Digital Citizenship!

By Allison Holland Steps: 11 Views: 2691

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