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Using Computer Games In Education

This Playlist will collect the best resources from around the web on how to use computer games in the classroom as well as how to implement a game-based curriculum which incorporates both game play and game design and pr...

By Justin Marquis Steps: 27 Views: 15356

What Does Game-based Learning Offer Higher Education? | Online Universities
Research & Debate

These are videos used in our 7th grade Research and Debate Blog

By Sheri Levasseur Steps: 6 Views: 441

Learn About Different Types Of Media

In this presentation you will learn about 3 different types of media that we use to get information: Newspapers, Television, Websites. Questions to consider How are these 3 three types of media similar? How are they dif...

By Stephen Gilbert Steps: 1 Views: 138

Revolutions In Media Hacktivity Kit

Explore how media influences culture and society. Use Popcorn Maker to remix context and bring stories to life.

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 9 Views: 507

Revolutions In Media Hacktivity Kit
Remix The Web Hacktivity Kit

Learn how to remix images, video and stories. Or just about anything on the web!

By Mozilla Webmaker Steps: 7 Views: 449


Blogs and sites to people who likes Educomunication and news/researches about Media-Education, Media Literacy, Journalism, Education, Tecnology, etc

By Cristiane Parente Steps: 2 Views: 167

Making Presentations And Movies

Check out different Web 2.0 tools to create presentations.

By Sheri Levasseur Steps: 1 Views: 89

Copyright, Plagiarism, And Ethical Behavior With Intellectual Pro

Learners should have a comprehensive understanding of copyright, plagiarism and ethical behaviors regarding intellectual property.

By Robin Jordan Steps: 5 Views: 178


To guide you through the steps of the Big6 model for problem solving.

By richard withers Steps: 7 Views: 584

Showing Playlists 1-9 of 9 total.