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MFL Online Tools

Some ideas to get started using free resources online - whether ou have a Smartboard or not!

By Graham Chandler Steps: 6 Views: 963

Managing And Facilitating Group Projects

An overview of "Best Practices" in managing and facilitating group projects f2f and online.

By Ronald Garman Steps: 4 Views: 342

Classical Online Education

History: FreedomProject Education ( is a K-12 virtual education institution, founded by the American Opinion Foundation. Established in 2005, American Opinion Foundation, Inc. performs charitable, scienti...

By FreedomProject Education Steps: 3 Views: 244

Send Flower To Faridabad

There are various beautiful gifts like gift show peace, cakes, flowers, chocolates etc in market. Definitely flowers are some of the most excellent gifts that one can ever send to anyone.

By minakshi singh Steps: 1 Views: 43

Play Online War Game

Computer games are the best way to entertain yourself when you are alone or you don’t have any company or you live out and work and in the end of the day, you need to unwind and nothing is better than unwinding yoursel...

By minakshi singh Steps: 1 Views: 20

Showing Playlists 1-5 of 5 total.