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Professional Skills

When students work together in groups they need some skills. This playlist can be use during the course Projectmatig werken

By Sylvia Schouwenaars-Hilt Steps: 13 Views: 2094

Market Research Questions - Constructing Your Own Survey

This playlist explores the idea of market research, including primary and secondary market research. Further it will guide you to construct your own questionnaire and provide you with examples.

By 2 editors Steps: 8 Views: 1049

Research And Design Thinking

There are many different way to start a research design thinking is one off them

By Sylvia Schouwenaars Steps: 1 Views: 220

Scientific Method

How to use the scientific method. There are 3 links here. The video goes into a little more than I do. It is my powerpoint that you must know. The 2 web pages are excellent!!!!

By Kathleen Cercone Steps: 4 Views: 770

Credibility/Evaluation Playlist

What makes a credible source in a continually shifting information landscape?

By Joyce Valenza Steps: 38 Views: 8477

Mod 7 Title
Understanding Plagiarism

Every teacher hears the words, " I didn't know that copying was wrong." This presentation will help all teachers better understand how to recognize plagiarism and teach their students how to properly paraphrase and cite...

By Dennis OConnor Steps: 6 Views: 1880

Plagiarism | Common Craft Video
Re-imagining Research Presentation

Today, conference poster sessions don't necessarily have to be presented via a poster. Presentations don't have to contribute to death by PowerPoint. There are more engaging ways to present your research.

By Tanya Sasser Steps: 19 Views: 1738

55-Flipping The Teacher Education Classroom

The presenter demonstrates how to set up an effective, user-friendly and cognitively demanding flipped classroom for a university teacher preparation program. She shares how flipped learning resulted in increased compreh...

By 2 editors Steps: 11 Views: 277

55-Flipping The Teacher Education Classroom
Locating Scholarly Information On The Web

There are plenty of ways to locate higher quality information on the web. Here are a few sites that will help you locate that information.

By Erika Behling Steps: 5 Views: 703

47-Flipping Your Classroom With Peer Instruction

47-Flipping your classroom with Peer Instruction: How to turn your students' worlds right side up

By Flipped Learning Steps: 3 Views: 58

47-Flipping Your Classroom With Peer Instruction: How To Turn Your Students' Worlds Right Side Up

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