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Step 4:Founder Stories - Stack Exchange CEO Joel Spolsky On When To Take VC Cash

Today, Stack Overflow founder Joel Spolsky announced that he raised another $12 million in venture capital and that he is changing the name of his company to Stack Exchange. He also happens to be our next guest on Founder Stories, the TCTV show where angel investor and Hunch co-founder Chris Dixon talks shop with other founders. (Disclosure: Dixon is also an investor in Stack Exchange). The interview was taped before this announcement, but in the clip above Spolsky talks about when it's right to bootstrap a startup versus taking venture cash. In his mind, there are Ben & Jerry's types of businesses and Amazon types of businesses. The first one is a slog, builds slowly, and is better done as a bootstrapped startup. But if there is a land grab going on?as there is right now in Q&A; and expert sites?then the venture route can help a startup get big as fast as possible.

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