• Student Loans
    This is an intro into what student loans are and how you can get them.
    Student Loans
    STEP : article


  • How To Fill Out The FAFSA
    Here you can learn how to fill out the FAFSA: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
    STEP : video


  • What Can You Afford To Borrow?
    Here is a great article to help you predict your costs while at school so that you know how much you will need to borrow.
    What Can You Afford To Borrow?
    STEP : article


  • Private Loans
    Here you can learn about the difference between private and federal loans.
    Private Loans
    STEP : article


  • Awarding Financial Aid
    Learn how financial aid is awarded and read examples from public and private colleges and how financial aid can meet your needs. Awarding financial aid is done by your school - learn the basics.
    STEP : article


  • Loan Repayment
    Here you can learn all about what it takes to start repaying your loan.
    Loan Repayment
    STEP : article


  • Scholarships
    Find college scholarships and grant information at Student Loan Network's financial aid information center.
    STEP : article


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Description: Here you can learn all about how student loans will work.

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Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

October 30

Makes it easier to get going to school!

Step 2 "How to Fill Out the FAFSA" was an easy to watch tutorial that breaks down FAFSA nicely. It is such an important subject. Good to have this playlist to break it down.

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