• An Inside Look At The ACT
    This article gives you basic information on the ACT test, and how you can prepare for it.
    An Inside Look At The ACT
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  • ACT Registration : Test Dates
    Registration information and ACT test dates in the U.S., U.S.& Territories, and Canada
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  • ACT Registration
    Information about signing up for the ACT test.
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  • ACT Test Prep
    ACT test prep resources. Prepare for the ACT test online, or with the only book that includes three retired ACT tests. We have a free test preparation booklet, practice questions, tips, and descriptions.
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  • How To Get ACT Scores
    College applications, and sometimes even job applications, can require ACT score information. Get your scores sent wherever you need them, fast.
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Description: This playlist is an inside look at the ACT. From registering to prepping to getting your scores.

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