Analyzing Market Trends

  • Marketing PowerPoint Lessons
    the most popular marketing topics, and could potentially support a number of marketing modules and courses.
    Marketing PowerPoint Lessons
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  • Why People Buy
    Marketers spend millions of dollars trying to understand why people buy products and services. Sometimes it seems that there is no reason for a purchase, but in reality there is always a reason. Many factors are involved in a customers' buying decision, any one of which can become the deciding factor.
    Why People Buy
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  • Internal Influences - Emotion And Perception
    Emotion is difficult to define, and even more difficult to predict. However, they are important to marketers because consumers tend to react to marketing messages and make purchases based on feelings and emotions. Emotion can be used to create product benefits.
    Internal Influences - Emotion And Perception
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  • Internal Influences - Memory
    Marketing messages can be effective only if the consumer correctly understands the messages, and remembers them when needed. Memory refers to a consumer's ability to understand the marketing messages and assign them value and meaning. Value and meaning always together. The value and meaning assigned is largely determined by internal factors, (thoughts, feelings, emotion, attitude, perception, motivation, personality, lifestyle) which are different for each consumer.
    Internal Influences - Memory
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  • Brand Identity
    Brand identity
    Brand Identity
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  • Recorded Future - Event Time Analysis Tools: How It Works
    Learn how the predictive and temporal media analytics of Recorded Future works. We harvest and mine data from the web, extract relevant details and make it useful for analysts and users across the world. Now anyone can use news analytics and media analytics like never before.
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  • Survey Analisys
    Survey Analisys
    Survey Analisys
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