Articles About The 21st Century Education

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Description: Here is a collection of some great articles about the 21st century education. Learn about the skills needed by both teachers and students to better adapt to the digitally transforming nature of today's education

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Kristin MMarie Kristin MMarie

February 16

Great blog posts shared here!

This is a wonderful resource filled with great educational/teacher advice. As I am diving deeper and deeper in the educational world I appreciate this playlist a lot.

My favorite quote is "To teach is to learn twice over. Learning becomes a life long process and teachers are forever learners." It is true... the most powerful teachers are the ones that are constantly learning and never staying stagnant with their classrooms. With their passion for learning it is infectious with the students and you see the students being more motivated, inspired and eager to learn!

Teachers must also, like you said, "Be ready to accept differences and know that students are not all alike and allow each student the opportunity to shine." It is great to see how technology has helped with this giving all students, shy or outgoing, the opportunity to shine in class discussions. Excited to see more and more advancements in classrooms and teaching around the world.

Thank you again for sharing your posts. They are great!

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