Bridge To Success Needs For Men

  • Men's Suits
    Men's suits should be pressed and classic patterns. Big and Tall sizes are much needed for clients.
    Men's Suits
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  • Men's Sport Coats
    Men's sport coats that are classic and simple.
    Men's Sport Coats
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  • Men's Polos
    Men's polo shirts - be aware of underarm stains.
    Men's Polos
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  • Men's Dress Shirts
    Classic and simple design dress shirts - be aware of underarm stains. Also please have these shirts pressed for donation.
    Men's Dress Shirts
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  • Men's Slacks
    Classic men's slacks, including khakis and Dockers.
    Men's Slacks
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  • Men's Ties
    Men's Ties are always needed in all colors and all patterns.
    Men's Ties
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  • Men's Belts
    Belts need to be classic styles and classic colors for professional wear.
    Men's Belts
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  • Men's Cufflinks
    Cufflinks are a great accessory for men to not forget during clothing drives. Watches are needed as well.
    Men's Cufflinks
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  • Men's Dress Shoes
    Classic and simple men's shoes that are not tennis shoe/ athletic looking.
    Men's Dress Shoes
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  • Men's Trouser Socks
    Classic trouser socks for men.
    Men's Trouser Socks
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Description: Bridge to Success needs these pieces to service their male clients.

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Charles Perry Charles Perry

January 20

Cool! Helpful with the images

Someone I work with told me about donating and this playlist was super helpful to show me exactly what I could provide. Winter cleaning here I come.

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